Latest release is 0.1.1

About Builditis:

    I was just sick of managing build files, be they Makefiles, autotools, SConstruct's, whatever. Figured it'd be nice to edit my source file, have a tag for the exec name and what libs it required (via pkg-config nicely), and here it is.

What does it do?

Well right now, it can build executables from C/C++ sources, manage partial rebuilds decently, and get a few parameters from flags in the source.

The usage is simple.

for example, starting with a file like so:
#include <cstdio>
* %ExecName hello

int main(int argc, char*argv[])
std::printf("Hello World!");
return 0;
and running builditis in the directory will compile and link a program named "hello".
Any other C/C++ files in the same directory (or subdirs) will be compile and linked into it as well.

other Builditis flags available at the moment are
%Libraries	LIBNAME %	
%PkgConfig PkgName
Will get pkg-config flags for the package, and use them in compilition/linkage
%CompilerFlags -Os -DDebug

What WILL it do?

in the immediate future it will be able to:


You can find latest release here

Or check out svn

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